Woman Fights Man After He Ate All Her Cereal

A woman beats her housemate with a paper towel and a decorative duck after he ate all her cereal

Enamae Anderson
Enamae Anderson, Alachua County Jail

On Sunday 22nd January, 58-year-old Enamae Anderson, from Gainesville, Florida, attacked her housemate after he ate the last bowl of cereal.

Anderson began arguing with her housemate after he ate the last bowl of cereal, another housemate tried to intervene in the argument, Enamae grabbed a wooden paper towel holder and hit the intervening man in the face with it. The victim grabbed Enemae and tried to put her to bed but Enamae fought back, she grabbed a decorative duck and struck the victim with the ornament multiple times.

Enamae made her way outside of the house, a neighbor heard the loud screams next door and called the Gainesville Police department. The next day, the victim who slept downstairs, woke and went onto the bedroom to get his clothes. Anderson was awake, she threw his clothes to the floor and proceeded to attack the man. First, she grabbed a lamp struck the man on the arm, she then jumped on the man's back and ripped his shirt, reported by the police report.

Enemae Anderson was arrested by the police, she claimed she only retaliated in self-defense, she was charged with battery and is being held in Alachua County Jail

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