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Case Dropped For Deaf Man Beaten For Resisting Arrest

Prosecutors drop case of a deaf man beaten because he couldn't hear three police officers orders.

Pearl Pearson Jr.

64-year-old Pearl Pearson Jr. was arrested in 2014 for resisting arrests. Pearl is a deaf man who could not hear the orders of three police officers and was allegedly beaten by three of them.

In February 2014 Mr. Pearson was driving in an Oklahoma Highway when he was stopped by troopers in a traffic stop. A video of the arrest shows officers running up to pearl's vehicle and arresting him. Pearson accused the officers of beating him, his mugshot shows both his eyes being severely swollen. Pearl was arrested and charged with resisting arrest

Pearl's accusation of police officers beating him was handled by Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater who cleared troopers Eric Foster, Kelton Hayes and Jason Owens of any criminal wrongdoing.

The court proceeded with the trial of Pearl resisting arrest, Pearl's attorney's successfully argued his need for special interpreters for his trial. The trial was dropped by the court a week before it was supposed to start as it would cost the public too much money for a misdemeanor to the extra cost of special interpreters.

Court document showed the misdemeanor trial could cost over $40,000.

District Attorney David Prater, stated, “It is the district attorney’s responsibility to be a good steward of the taxpayer’s money. Though it is important to prosecute matters to promote public safety and assure that the state of Oklahoma’s laws are enforced, the financial burden placed on the state to prosecute a matter is a legitimate consideration; especially as in this case, the matter is a misdemeanor.

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