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Woman Used Stun Gun On Man's Genitalia

A crazed woman fights leaves deep scratch wounds on a police officer after she uses a taser on a man's privates

Nadira Tardieff
Nadira Tardieff, Thibodaux Police Department

On Saturday14th January, 37-year-old Nadira Tardieff, was arrested after she got into a fight with a man and zapped him several times on his genitals, soon after the police arrived she assaulted a police officer.

At around 2:15 am the Thibodaux Police Department were called to Quality Inn & Suites on North Canal Boulevard in Thibodaux, Louisiana, to handle a disturbance at the motel. The police arrived and spotted Nadira arguing with a man at the Quality inn's parking lot. The police attempted to separate and arrest the two Nadira lashed out at one of the police officers and sunk her nails into his arm severely scratching him.

 The police questioned the man, he stated that the two had and argument in the motel and began to fight, Nadira used a pink stun gun on the man zapping him several times including on his genitals.

Nadira Tardieff was arrested and struck with multiple charges, including aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and battery of a police officer. She is currently being held in Lafourche Parish Detention Center with a bond of $21,000.

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