Ubereats Driver Shoots Up Pizzeria With Bb Gun

An enraged UberEats driver shoots up an eatery after an argument with the owner

Crustys Pizza BB gun UberEats
Crusty's Pizza, Google Street View

The shooting occurred on Sunday 15th January, after and unnamed UberEats driver had an argument with the owner orf Crusty's Pizza, located on the corner of East Knollwood Street and North Florida Avenue, Tampa, Florida.

Jalopnik reported, The UberEats driver arrived at the pizzeria at approximately 2:40 pm, He placed an order with the order but had got into an argument with him. Enraged after the incident the UberEats Driver got into his car and grabbed his BB gun, Tampa Police report, "The suspect then went to his vehicle and as he was driving away fired three rounds from a BB gun into the restaurant’s kitchen window,”.

After the shooting, the driver left the scene but returned moments later and fired two more shots into the front window, as well as striking a restaurant nearby.

Tampa police have described the driver who was wearing all black clothing and a black hat, as a Hispanic male with a goatee.

UberEats was contacted by the owner of the restaurant, the app has subsequently banned the driver from the working for the service and has confirmed to be willing to work with the police regarding the shooting.

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