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Thief Stuffs Python Down His Pants At Pet Shop

CCTV: A thief takes a snake out of its cage and proceeds to hide it in his pant leg before leaving the store

Snake in pants
Thief grabs snake, A To Z Pets/Facebook

On Sunday, January 8th, a man stole a snake by stuffing the python down his pants at A To Z pet store, located on SE Division Street, Portland, Oregon.

CCTV footage caught the thief in the act, the thief approaches the snake enclosure, opens the door and grabs the snake and proceeds to shove the animal into his pants, he manages to not alert any attention from the staff and walks out the pet store comfortably with a reptile on his body.

The stolen snake was a black pastel ball python and its estimated value is around $200.

Christin Bjugan, the owner of A To Z Pets, told FOX6 about the snake thief, "You'll see him put it in his pants -- yuck. Just drops it right in the front,".

"Anytime anything like this happens, it's very frustrating. We work very hard to make a living and run the business," Bjugan said. "He's lucky it wasn't feeding day. Feeding days are on Mondays. And they're very hungry."

The snake was returned by another man later in the week after he saw the story on the news and realized he bought a stolen snake.

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