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Man Steals Car With Children Inside

A man who was evading the police stole a woman's car whilst her children were still inside

Tyler Allen Williams
Tyler Allen Williams, Layton City Police Department

On Saturday 14th January, police arrested  26-year-old Tyler Allen Williams, after stealing a vehicle, the day before, with two children in the car and leading the police on a high-speed chase.

Tyler, who had several outstanding warrants for his arrest, was evading the police on foot in Taylorsville, Utah. Whilst the police were in a pursuit of the fugitive, Tyler spotted a woman getting inside her car in a parking lot.

Tyler ran inside the parked car and made off with the white 2006 Toyota Corolla, the car also had two children inside, one 3-year-old and an infant. Tyler managed to drop off the children unharmed at 88 S. Fairfield Road before leading the police on a high speed chased exceed in speeds of 100mph.

Due to the high-speed and dangerous nature of the chase, the police terminated the pursuit.

The vehicle was later found abandoned in the Layton area. 

The next day police received a report of a suspicious man trying to sell a car for $200. The police arrived at the scene and spotted Tyler, they attempted to make a traffic stop but Tyler attempted to flee again.Tyler tried several times to hit the officer and struck a car with three people inside, no one was harmed in the crash. Tyler attempted to steal another car before being arrested.

Tyler Allen Williams received a number of charges including,  possession of a stolen vehicle, attempted carjacking, fleeing, possession of a controlled substance and four counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, just to name a few.

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