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Man Buys Hundreds Of Newspapers Trying To Hide Dui Arrest

A New York bank executive tries to hide his mugshot from appearing in the local newspaper by buying all the copies

Joseph Talbot
Joseph Talbot, New York State Police

On Thursday, December 29th, 43-year-old bank vice-president Joseph Talbot of Newark, New Jersey, was arrested in Wayne County, New York, when he was found driving while intoxicated.  

Joseph, arrived at the police station and refused to have his fingerprints, breath tested and mugshot taken. He was charged with a DUI and a misdemeanor Obstruction of Governmental Administration in the 2nd Degree.

The Times of Wayne County picked up the mugshot and ran the story the following Saturday, the story blew up after several people notified the paper that Joseph bought nearly 1,000 newsstand copies at $1.25 each.

Joseph managed to snatch up all the papers in the Newark area but by doing so, bigger newspapers picked up the stor and published his antics, making national headlines.

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