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Obese Man Bites 10-year-old Girl

A 320-pound man allegedly bites a 10-year-old girl on several parts of her body in self defense

Anthony Richard Lum
Anthony Richard Lum, Palm Beach County Jail

On Sunday 1st January, 52-year-old, Anthony Richard Lum, from Boynton Beach, Florida, was arrested for allegedly biting a 10-year-old girl on several parts of her body in self-defense.

Police reports reveal 6-foot-2, 320 pound Anthony, had an argument with the ten-year-old girl after she refused to take a shower,  During the argument, the girl threw things at Anthony, Mr. Lum retaliated by breaking the girl's toys, biting the girl on her left arm, pinky finger and head.

The relationship between Anthony and the 10-year-old girl are undetermined.

The girl suffered broken skin on her finger, her elbow and bruising on her left arm.

The 10-year-old's guardian refused medical treatment for the child. Anthony complained of chest pains when the police arrived and was taken to Bethesda Hospital. Anthony Richard Lum was charged with cruelty towards a child, Abuse without great bodily harm, he was booked into Palm Beach County Jail and released soon after posting a $3,000 bond.

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