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Mom Pulls Harley To The Floor After Boss Fires Her Son

An Angry mom gets revenge on her son's boss after he fires him

Tonji Williams, Mount Dora Police Department

On Sunday, 18th December, 44-year-old Tonji Williams was arrested after she vandalized her son's bosses 2008 Harley Davidson after he fired her son.

The incident occurred in the city of Mount Dora, Lake County, Florida. After Tonji's son was recently fired from his job, she spotted a familiar looking motorcycle parked outside of the bar, the motorcycle looked like the same one her son's ex-boss rode.

Tonji entered the bar and asked the staff who the Harley Davidson belonged to, they confirmed the bike belonged to her son's ex-boss. She went back outside and pulled the Harley to the floor causing $3,500 worth of damages to the bike.

Surveillance footage from outside of the bar was used to confirm the bike vandaliser was Tonji Williams.

Tonji Williams was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, her bond was set at $2,000 which she paid and was subsequently released.

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