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Man Cheats With A Another Woman, Claims He Was Robbed

A man gives a false police report of a robbery to stop his wife from discovering he slept with another woman

Erik Shepler
Erik Shepler, Steelton Police Department

On Tuesday, 6th December, Erik Shepler, 37, reported to the police that he was hit over the head and robbed but it was discovered he spent the night with another woman.

Erik from Steelton, Pennsylvania, called the police to  300 block of South Second Street. The police reported that Erik was laying on the floor, claiming to need medical attention.

His wife worried about her husband called the police, claimed he was missing for 12 hours and she was told he was robbed.

Reports revealed that Erik claimed he was struck on the back of the head whilst leaving a bar and he woke up at an alley hours later not being abled to remember the previous 12 hours, with his credit card missing from his wallet.

Steelton Police investigated the incident and found two videos from  surveillance cameras. One showed Erik buying cigarettes and hot dogs from a convenience store the other showed Erik meeting a girl at a bar, taking her home and spending the night with her. 

Further evidence from surveillance footage showed Erik entering the woman's apartment.

Erik Sharper was charged with providing false reports to law enforcement officers.

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