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Boyfriend Refuses To Buy Birthday Gift, Gets Stabbed

A boyfriend refuses to pay for his girlfriend's hair and nails, gets stabbed in an act of rage

Crystal A. Garlin
Crystal A. Garlin, Fort Myers Police Department

32-year-old Florida resident Crystal A. Garlin, had a fight with her, now most likely ex-boyfriend after he refused to buy her her birthday gifts, the argument ended in her boyfriend being stabbed.

The incident occurred last Friday, 9th December, Crystal requested her boyfriend to pay for her and nails for her birthday, her boyfriend refused to make the payment, an argument ensued.

Crystal escalated the feud by grabbing a knife, her boyfriend tried to take the knife away from Crystal but suffered a cut to his hand. the police were called out to their home in Kingsman Circle in Fort Myers. 

The police interrogated Crystal, she told the police that she was fighting with a female relative, her boyfriend tried to break up the fight, failing to do so her boyfriend locked the house and he cut his hand when he tried to climb out the window.

Crystal A. Garlin was arrested and charged with battery causing great bodily harm.

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