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Pro Wrestler Takes Down Armed Robber

A former WWE Pro wrestler takes down an armed robber who tried to rob him at gas station

Jason Felix
Jason Felix, Coral Springs Police

On Saturday 10th December, a robbery occurred at Valero gas station in Coral Springs, Florida, the robbery was stopped by 35-year-old former WWE pro wrestler Shad Gaspard, after he wrestled the assailant to the ground.

35-year-old Jason Felix was the alleged robber, he entered the gas station where Shad was at with fellow WWE wrestler JTG. Jason told Shad to buy him a beer but shad refused and requested Jason to ask him more politely.

Jason was mad that Shad did not buy him a beer so he pulled up his shirt and flashed his realistic-looking BB gun, he told Shad that he needs to leave the as station because he's about to rob the place.

Shad jumped into action he grabbed the gun and threw it on the ground and pushed Jason out of the gas station and then wrestled him tot he ground.

Coral Springs Police arrived and arrested Jason Felix, he was charged with armed robbery.

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