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Granny Steals Christmas On Cctv

Granny is spotted stealing packages from outside of victims front porch

Granny steals Christmas
Granny steals Christmas, LiveLeak

A granny from St Louis County, Missouri, was spotted riding in a black hummer scouting out homes, she is then spotted on surveillance footage stealing packages from outside of people homes.

The grainy footage captures a child's worst thought imaginable, a grinch stealing Christmas, this time it's not grinch but a granny. Last week, Wednesday, 7th December,  the victim of the theft reported to the police, that he had 3 packages stolen by what seemed to be a granny, scouting  homes in a black hummer.

The victim reported to KTVI their surveillance cameras spotted the same black H3 hummer drive outside their home 4 times in less than 5 minutes. The thief is then spotted taking the packages, the victim tells, "The video shows an elderly woman, almost looks like someone's grandma. She just bends down grabs them like they're hers and walks away."

The 65-year-old woman has been identified and arrested but her name has not been released.

St. Louis County Police Sgt. Shawn McGuire warned residents to take precautions when getting packages delivered such as dropping packages off at the back door rather than the front, he states "You just think, two-day shipping, I'll pick it up when we get home from work that night. This time of year is really known for this type of stuff. Criminals know that packages are being delivered to people's houses for Christmas."

He further states to note license plates of any suspicious vehicles trailing delivery trucks or if you see any vehicles circling around neighbourhoods.

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