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Man Butt Dials 911, Plans Rob Restaurant Full Of Police

A man in Kentucky dials 911 and a dispatcher takes notes of his plans to rob a restaurant where Police Chief was eating

Brothers BBQ
Brothers BBQ, Brothers BBQ/Facebook

At  Brothers BBQ on South Fourth Street, Danville, Kentucky, a number of police officers including the Police Chief were dining inside. Meanwhile, outside of the parking lot, two men were plotting to rob the restaurant, unsurprisingly things don't go as planned.

The Advocate-Messenger reported, Danville Police Chief Tony Gray entered the Brothers BBQ restaurant alongside a number of his officers the owner, Mike Southerland, was surprised by the arrival of the police force but happily seated them for dinner.

The officers finish up dinner, and begin to walk out the police chief receives a phone call from a dispatcher, the dispatcher tells him that he just received a phone call, and can overhear two people plotting to rob the restaurant that he's currently in. the dispatcher notifies the Tony Gray that  he is trying to triangulate the location of the potential robbery suspects.

The robbery suspects had accidentally butt dialed 911 and their conversation was aiding the police in stopping a crime before in even starts.

The 911 dispatcher was able to locate the vehicle to be sitting just outside of the restaurant in its' parking lot. the officer searched the parking lot and was able to find two suspects sitting in the vehicle, Robert Bourne and David Grigsby.

Tony Gray stated, “They were pulled out the vehicle and patted down, found a mask on one of the suspects …” No weapons were found anywhere in the vehicle.

The owner was notified of the names of the robbers and  he was in shock, he replied to the officer, “They were just in earlier having a beer,”.

Robert Bourne and David Grigsby were both arrested and charged with public intoxication, Grigsby the driver received further charges of possession of an open alcohol container in a vehicle and disorderly conduct. The suspects weren't charged with a robbery and have since been released.

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