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Workers Buy Wii U For Boy Who Came In To Play Every Day

Best Buy workers buy a Christmas gift for a boy who came in to play the display model of Wii U every day.

Wii U Gift At Best Buy
Wii U Gift At Best Buy, Rahiem Storr/Youtube

The Christmas spirit has struck a Best Buy located in Valley Stream, New York, after a number of workers bought a Wii U for a kid who came into the store every day to play the display model.

The video shows a Best Buy worker approaching the kid who is seated at the Wii U display model. the worker announces to the young customer, "On behalf of all of us here at Best Buy, we got you a Wii U, so you don't have to come here every day and play". The boy is speechless and gives a small smile as he skeptically peers at the box.

The worker tells the boy that all the workers put money together to buy the Wii U for him,  "This is something we did for you. Everyone here that you see, we all got together and chipped in so you could have it."

Along with the Nintendo console, the workers gave the boy a copy Super Smash Brothers, the same game would come into the store to play. The workers gave the boy a ride home so he didn't have to walk.

The video was uploaded by Youtube user Rahiem Storr on 7th December and has gone viral garnering over 1.3 million views.

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