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Mannequin Challenge In Prison, Police Investigate

A video has been uploaded to youtube of a Mannequin Challenge which was made using contraband phones inside prison

Mannequin Challenge in Prison
Mannequin Challenge in Prison, tben916/Youtube

A Mannequin Challenge was filmed in Richard J. Donovan Corrections Facility (RJDCF)  in Otay Mesa, San Diego, California. A Mannequin Challenge is a viral sensation were a number of people stand perfectly still whilst doing activities.

The inmates detained inside the prison are suspected of using contraband phones, which were somehow snuck into the facility.

The video depicts many inmates standing still in various poses. the video starts by showing an inmate sitting on the toilet, the camera moves on showing another inmate holding a contraband phone. The camera pans around the room stopping at three inmates posing as if they were beating one of the inmates. The camera also captures inmates gambling over commissary in a game of dice. the video ends as an inmate laying in his bunk is filmed holding another contraband phone.

Terry Thornton with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation released a statement confirming that the footage was taken in RJDCF by it's inmates. Authorities within the facility are investigating the incident and are focusing in locating the phones spotted in the Mannequin Challenge video.

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