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Man Fired Gun Because Woman Was Typing Loudly

A man who discharged his firearm claims he only did so because a 70-year-old lady was typing too loudly

John Grisby
John Grisby, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

59-year-old Joseph Grigsby, anti loud-typist, from Delray Beach, Florida, fired a gun near a woman because she thought she was typing too loudly.

On Sunday 4th December, John was sat in one room of a house whilst a 70-year-old lady was typing away on her computer in another room, the relationship between the pair is currently undocumented. It's been reported that John had been drinking for the most part of the day.

John walked into the bedroom an laid down on te bed, he began to complain of the loud typing but the lady did not stop. moments later John got p from the bed and exited the room, he returned with a .380-caliber handgun and held it near the 70-year-old.

Whilst standing near the lady he aimed the gun towards the bathroom and fired his weapon, he told the lady after he fired, “This is me not shooting you,”.

The lady called 911 and John Grisby was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, he is being held in Palm Beach County Jail on $10,000 bail

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