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Naked Man Looks For A Wife At Mormon Temple

A sex offender was caught naked wondering the ground of a Mormon temple claiming to have been looking for a wife

Kelly Thayne Archibald
Kelly Thayne Archibald, Cache County Sheriff's Office

On Sunday, November 13th, 53-year-old convicted sex offender, Kelly Thayne Archibald, was caught wandering the grounds of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple in Logan, Utah, claiming to have been looking for a wife.

On the evening of Sunday at approximately 9pm, Kelly was spotted by witnesses walking with a blanket around his waist outside of the Mormon temple. He approached the gates of the temple disrobed the blanket and climbed over the fence. The police were called.

The Herald Journal reported, as the police arrived at the scene, Kelly was climbing back over the fence still in the nude. He was arrested by the police and questioned, he was asked why are you naked? Kelly's reply he was unclothed at the temple because that was how he entered the world. He was asked why he was at the temple? he answered he was looking for a wife.

He arrived at the temple in his truck which was parked on a nearby sidewalk, the truck did not have any of his clothing inside.

Kelly Thayne Archibald was charged with lewdness by a sex offender, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and is currently being held in Cache County Jail. Kelly was previously convicted in 2008 for sexually abusing a child younger than the age of 16.

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