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Robber Hides In Pond, Tell Police He's Just Fishing

A man who robbed a family dollar store hides in a pond when police locate him he tells them he dropped his pole in the water

Sean Torres
Sean Torres, Volusia County Sheriff's Office

On 26th November, Saturday evening 29-year-old Sean Torres attempted to rob a Family Dollar store in Deltona, Florida, he was late found hiding in a pond pretending to find his fishing pole.

Sean Torres entered the family dollar store with a shirt wrapped around his head demanding money from the cashier. The cashier refused to hand over any money. Sean proceeded to put his hand in his shorts pretending to pull out a gun from his pants and threatened to shoot the store cleric before running away from the store.

The attempted robbery was reported to the police. Later that day a police helicopter spotted a man wading in waist deep water in a local pond.

A K-9 unit approached the man and demanded him to surrender. Sean Torres told the police that he was 'just fishing' and he dropped his fishing pole into the water. Sean was arrested.

Sheriff's Office spokesman Andrew Gant said, "While in the back of a VCSO patrol car, he repeatedly shouted and threw himself against the interior, kicking the doors, damaging the vehicle and causing it to rock."

Sean Torres was charged with armed robbery and criminal mischief  he was taken to Volusia County Branch Jail and held with a $31,000 bail.

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