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Man Stabbed After Drinking Woman's Blood

A Missouri woman lets her boyfriend drink her blood, an argument ensues, boyfriend is stabbed in the stomach

Victoria Vanatter
Victoria Vanatter, Greene County Jail

On Wednesday 23rd November, 19-year-old Victoria Vanatter allowed her boyfriend drink her blood after he confessed to her that he was curious about drinking the bodily fluid.

Her intoxicated boyfriend was given permission by Victoria to drink her blood. her boyfriend used a razor to cut her arm and an alleged blood sucking occurred in the kitchen of their Springfield, Missouri, home.

After allowing her boyfriend to drink her blood and argument ensued where slapping and yelling between the pair occurred before Vanatter grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her boyfriend in the stomach.

She stopped her boyfriend from leaving the home as she did not want to go to jail but soon realized that she had to call the police. Whilst crying over the incident Victoria called Springfield police, telling them someone was bleeding.

When the police arrived not only were the pair covered in blood but the living room wall was painted in Victoria's boyfriend's blood, with the words 'I'm sorry' drawn inside a heart shape.

Victoria and her boyfriend received stitches after their arrest at a hospital. Victoria Vanatter pleaded not guilty to her charges of first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action, she is currently being held in Greene County Jail with a bond of $150,000.

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