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Mother Leaves Daughter Behind In Shoplifting

A shoplifter leaves her daughter behind as she struggles by the front door to escape from authorities

Sshoplifting Mother abandons daughter
Sshoplifting Mother abandons daughter, Saginaw County Sheriff's Office

On Saturday, 19th November, a 23-year-old mother was spotted on security camera escaping Kohl's store, located in Saginaw, Michigan, with her daughter, whilst running from store security they were separated by the front door, the mother abandoned her daughter so she could evade capture.

The 23-year-old Saginaw-area resident, at 1:45pm, was caught shoplifting at the department store, Kohl's. ABC12 reported, the mother tried to run to the exit with her child, Lt. Miguel Gomez of the Saginaw County Sheriff's Office said, "She had a seven-year-old child with her, and she was literally dragging the child through the store to get to the exit,".

The mother got stuck in the first sliding door, she loosened her grip to her daughter's arm and ran off to escape loss prevention workers.

Miguel Gomez  stated, "Instead of being a parent and stopping and checking her daughter to see if she was OK, she ran through the parking lot, got into a vehicle and then left,".

Staff had to stop the 7-year-old from running into traffic to catch up with her mother who had escaped. The child was left abandoned at the store whilst the mother was being located by the police.

Later the 23-year-old sent her mother to pick up her daughter. the staff workers allowed her grandmother to take the 7-year-old home.

Police have stated that the mother has a warrant for her arrest and is still on the run. Saginaw County Sheriff's Office are confident in her capture as she is known to police officers due to having run-ins with the police before.

When she is found she is likely to face charges of retail fraud and possibly child abuse and child endangerment charges.

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