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Teen Steals Back Jeep He Sold

18-year-old from Canby stole back his jeep due to dissatisfaction with his traded vehicles

Stealing back Jeep Cherokee
From Left: Jacob Cutts, Matthew Knight and Brody Bjork, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

On Wednesday 16th November, a teenager was caught stealing back his jeep he traded in for two other vehicles, due to him not being satisfied with the condition of his new cars.

In October, 18-year-old, Matthew Dylan Knight from Canby, Oregon, took his Jeep to sell in Newport. He agreed to trade in his jeep in exchange for two vehicles. a month later Matthew became dissatisfied with the condition in which he bought the vehicles, he decided to take the matter into his own hands.

He asked 22-year-old Brody James Bjork of Gresham and 23-year-old Jacob Allen Stanford Cutts of Damascus to aid him in stealing back his vehicles. the trio drove to Newport and managed to steal the jeep, Matthew drove his jeep back home whilst his two friends followed in the car behind.

Newport police received a report at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday that a 2002 Jeep Cherokee had just been stolen. The police located the vehicle driving along Agate Beach and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. Matthew detailed the events to the of him stealing the vehicle back with his friends due to his dissatisfaction with the deal he made.

Matthew Dylan Knight was arrested and booked into the Lincoln County Jail, he was charged with unlawful entry to a motor vehicle, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and first-degree theft. His friends Brody and Jacob were arrested on criminal conspiracy charges.

Bail for each suspect was set at $115,000.

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