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Robber Breaks Into A Garage And Falls Into A Ditch Of Car Oil

A clumsy robber breaks into a Brazilian garage and doesn't look wherre he's going

A clumsy criminal was spotted on surveillance cameras breaking into a garage in an unknown location in Brazil.

Security cameras captured the thief's mishap as he broke his way into the garage, the robber walks into the dark room and falls straight into the mechanic's pit filled with a dark viscous used engine oil.The mechanic's pit is are used for mechanics to work underneath the vehicle with ease.

Oil fall
Oil fall, Liveleak/garciar

Moments after the fall a slightly darker figure emerges out of the hole clamoring the sides of the wall trying to escape the hole.

At the 25 second mark of the video, the thief shows his oil covered face.

After his fall the robber managed to escape with approximately 340.00 Brazillian Real and equivalent to $100(USD).

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