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Man Accused Of Terrorizing Residents With Air Horn

A man who has been blasting his air horn in his car for weeks is finally caught by the police

John W. Nuggent
John W. Nuggent, El Segundo Police Department

On Sunday, November 13th, at around 4:00AM John W. Nuggent was finally arrested after several weeks of disturbing residents in the city of El Segundo, Los Angeles County, California, by blaring his air horn from his car.

John has been accused of blaring his air horn, which has been described to similar sounding to a train horn, throughout the middle of the night. Police received numerous reports of a white male driving a blue 4-door compact vehicle blaring his extremely loud air horn disturbing the neighborhood fo the past several weeks. Police Lt. Ray Garcia explained that the noise would occur and when police would get to the scene the perpetrator had escaped from the area.

Police heard the air horn last Sunday and quickly set up a traffic stop of Grand Avenue and Main Street. They stopped a 4-door blue 2006 Chevrolet Aveo being driven by John W. Nuggent, the police searched his car and discovered air-horn equipment inside his vehicle.

to the police's surprise several nearby residents, who were alleged victims of the air-horning, responded to the scene and initiated a citizen’s arrest on Nuggent.

Police Lt. Ray Garcia described the noise as ” like a train coming through the neighborhood.” He went on to say“he’s been doing this for weeks, and we’ve been chasing him for weeks but we got him.” reports have determined that John has been blasting his air horn every single night.

John W. Nuggent  transported to El Segundo jail for booking and his vehicle was impounded.

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