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Ninja Breaks Into Comic Shop To Steal Sword

A ninja is spotted inside an Alaskan comic store stealing a katana sword

ninja robbery
Ninja Robbery, John Bosco/Youtube

On Friday 11th November a masked man wearing a ninja costume broke into Bosco's Comics Cards & Games based in  Anchorage, Alaska.

The Anchorage Police Department reports that the costumed criminal broke into the comic shop and was spotted through security camera wandering around the shop.

The man wearing the ninja was seen failing in an attempt to remove a television from the wall but was later seen stealing a white katana sword before escaping. No other items were reported stolen apart from the sword.

KTVA interviewed Erich Helmick, a staff member at the comic store, he stated, “The sword was the only thing we could make out well enough on the video to say for sure,”. There was no damages tot the store except where the ninja-costumed man entered, as Eric said, “The point of entry was the only damage we found.”

The security footage was uploaded to  Bosco's Comics Cards & Games Youtube channel.

The Anchorage Police Department is investigating the incident.

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