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Man Brings Two Children To Robbery

A man has been caught on CCTV attempting to rob a medical centre with two young children in tow

Robbery with two children
Robbery with two children, Melton Crime Investigation Unit

On Thursday 3rd November a man was caught attempting to rob a medical centre whilst he was with two children.

Melton Crime Investigation Unit detectives have released the CCTV footage of a man attempting to steal from a medical center inside Brimbrank Shopping centre, located on Neales Road, Caroline Springs, Melbourne, Australia.

The unidentified man entered the medical center at 5.30pm and asked the receptionist of the opening and closing times of the center, he thanked the receptionist then left the outlet with his two children.

half an hour later, after the medical centre had closed, the man returned with his two children. it is suspected that the man entered the store through an internal door to an adjacent business.

The man was caught sifting through the drawers of the medical centre as well as breaking into the cash register whilst his two children, one boy and one girl followed along.

The man was unable to find anything of value and left the medical centre.

Police are now urging anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers.

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