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Dad Lets Daughter, 4, Tattoo A Strawberry On His Arm

A father lets his four-year-old daughter use his tattoo gun to leave him a small drawing of a strawberry on his arm

Strawberry Tattoo
Strawberry Tattoo, Facebook

30-year-old Tatoo artist, Brad Bellomo, is teaching his 4-year-old daughter, Chloe, the ropes by allowing her to draw a strawberry on his arm.

 Brad, owner of Third Eye Tattoo parlor in Largo, Florida posted a controversial image of his daughter tattooing a strawberry on his arm on Facebook.

He wrote in his post, "Last week I posted a picture of what looked like chloe tattooing me... There was no needle and it was more of a test to see if she was ready to hold the weight of the machine, control it enough to be safe, and listen to her daddy... Today was her first real Tattoo!!! A lil wobbly but she did great and it's still cute... Keep in mind she just turned 4 end of August! The strawberry will have a Wu-tang w in it eventually because Chloe sings "bah bah black sheep have u berry wu" lol so proud of u Clo!!! #daddydaughtertattoo".

The post has since gone viral and attracted over 120,000 likes and over 14,000 shares.

Some commenters objected to the girl performing the tattooing, "Someone just reported my photo as graphic violence lol... I'm a great dad and my daughter is the future... Thanks for ur support!". Most showed support, "Don't have time to go through all the comment. Kudo's to you dude! I wish more parents would take this kind of time and effort with their children! For all of you who are teaching your children the art of tattooing, keep it up! ". Other commenters were just rude, "Did she do the rest of your tattoos as well?".

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