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Traffic Offenders Made To Sit In Front Of Blinding Headlights

Traffic police in China have uploaded pictures on social media of their bizarre punishment for high beam violaters

Highbeam punishments
Highbeam punishments, Shenzhen Traffic Police

Shenzhen Traffic Police in China have uploaded pictures of them punishing traffic violators and posted them on their official Weibo account.

The traffic police are punishing drivers who are driving their vehicles with a high beam, the bright lights tend to blind drivers coming from the opposite direction. The traffic offense carries a fine of 300 yuan ($44; £36) and an optional punishment of the offending driver to sit in front of a high beam for 1 minute.

The Shenzhen Traffic Police wrote in their post, "tonight we are carrying out punishments using a high beam,". The post quickly went viral on the microblogging site, it garnered over 90,000 likes, has been shared more than 95,000 times and has received over 27,000 comments.

The majority of commenters praised the police for the strange punishment, one of the most liked comments read, "Am I the only one who thought it was too short for a minute?", another commenter agreed with the punishment being too painless, writing "one minute is too short, at least 5 minutes, but also not allowed to cover their eyes, tears shine"

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