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Burger King Dresses Up As Mcdonalds For Halloween

Burger king hilariously dresses up as competitor Macdonalds for haloween

Burger King McDonalds Halloween
Burger King dresses up as McDonalds for Halloween, Burger King

A Burger King fast food restaurant based in Rego Park, New York was covered in large white sheets and covered with the large spray painted word 'Mcdonalds'.

A number of eye holes were cut at the top of the fast food chain, so you could still see the burger king sign underneath.

The tongue in cheek antic has set social media ablaze with a ton of people responding positively to the huge ghostly costume.

A sign was put up to assure the customers that it was still Burger King inside, it read, 'Boooo! Just kidding. We still flame grill our burgers'.

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