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Drunk Driver Crashes Into Helicopter

A suspected drunk driver crashed into a medical helicopter over the weekend

Glenn Livingston, drunk helicopter crash
Drunk helicopter crash, McKinley County Sheriff’s Office

On the early hours of Sunday, 23rd October, suspected drunk driver, Glenn Livingston, 26, drove through a barricade on the motorway and crashed into a medical helicopter.

Earlier a car crash had occurred on Highway 566, located in New Mexico. Victims of the car crash needed emergency treatment. Police and the firefighters set up a barricade on the highway to create a landing zone for a medical helicopter.

After the helicopter landed, who was driving up the highway, saw the barricade and decided to drive around it. He managed to crash into the helicopter, pushing it onto its side and then crashing into a fire truck.

Glenn Livingston
Glenn Livingston, McKinley County Sheriff’s Office

Livingston refused to take a breathalyzer after crashing his car into two emergency vehicles, leading police to arrest and charge him with aggravated DWI.

The patient who needed the medical helicopter safely made it to the hospital. The vehicles involved in the crash including the helicopter had to be towed from the site.

no other injuries were reported.

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