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Man Slices Family Dog's Neck And Mouth

NIght time CCTV footage has caught a man slicing a family's dog neck and mouth through the front gate

In the early hours of  Saturday, 8th October, a man is spotted outside of a family home in Hardy Street, Houston, Texas, stabbing the family dog through the front gate.

Veronica Castro, the owner of the dog, has posted the unfortunate incident on her Facebook page, of the startling attack. She has reached out to members of the public and requested them to help her find the animal attacker.

Dog Stabbed
Family Dog Stabbed, Veronica Castro/Facebook

She wrote on Facebook, "Hello FB friends and family. Please help us find this person who cut up my dog's mouth with a knife." Her dog suffered multiple lacerations around the mouth and neck area, she wrote, "My dog thankfully is alive but cut up, and I hope he will heal soon."

Veronica has since contacted the Houston Police Department and filed a report against the man , she described the man, "He seems to be wearing a shirt that has the words HARDY and a Mexican flag".

The video has gone viral since she posted, receiving over 200,000 views and over 500 shares in support of the traumatic event the dog went through.

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