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Top 5 Weird News Of The Week, Of 7th October 2016

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 7th October 2016

5 - 6000 Students Hunt Clowns

Mass hysteria strikes Penn State University students as thousands chase down the elusive Evil Clowns . Click Here To Read

4 - Snitches Sign Leads To Drug Dealers Arrest

These residents kind of snitched on themselves with a sign on their front door stating people will be searched due to snitches, making the police believe they were selling drugs . Click Here To Read

3 - Traffic Jam As Man Rides Big Wheel

A man is spotted riding a tricycle on the highway which causes a traffic jam. Face Palm. Click Here To Read

2 - Father And Son Fight Over Legos

A father throws his son's prized lego set in the trash causing a fist fight between the pair, the police had to get involved and the duo pressed charges against one another. Click Here To Read

1 - Man Steals Prosthetic Leg

Man steal someone prosthetic leg and tries to make a getaway on a bicycle whilst holding it. Click Here To Read

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