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Father And Son Fight Over Legos

Nicholas Melice Senior throws out his 19-year-old son's lego set, triggering a violent altercation between the pair

Nicholas Melice, Sr. and Nicholas Melice, Jr.
Nicholas Melice, Jr. and Nicholas Melice, Sr., Port St. Lucie Police Department

Father, Nicholas Melice Senior,46, and son of the same name, Nicholas Melice Junior, 19, had a fight after the father threw his son's lego set out, the police had to be called and both were arrested.

The Smoking Gun reported, The incident occurred on Tuesday evening, 4th October, at the Melice family home located in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Junior arrived home to find that his prized lego set had been thrown out, Junior got into an argument with his father for allegedly throwing out his legos. Senior who was reportedly drunk at the time pushed his son, in retaliation Junior pushed his father back.

The pushing caused a fist fight between the pair with both exchanging punches with one another until Senior left the room. Senior's daughter, Crystal Melice, who witnessed the fight, claimed that her father allegedly started the fight and her brother fought back in self-defence.

Police officers of the Port St. Lucie Police Department were called out and arrived at approximately 11 PM at the location of the dispute. The officers questioned the father and son who both wanted to pursue criminal charges, so the police arrested the pair of them and charged them with misdemeanor battery.

The father and son suffered scratches under the eye but did not need medical attention.

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