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Traffic Jam As Man Rides Big Wheel

A man was spotted riding on a big wheel through Interstate 76 in Philadelphia

On Sunday 2nd of October, many drivers were stuck in a traffic jam on interstate 76 located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Why? Drivers were slowing down to make way/look at an adult man riding on a big wheel.

The video shows a number of drivers on Roosevelt Boulevard, trying to dodge the man riding on his big wheel. Some people slowed down their vehicles to take pictures and make videos of the man's bizarre feat causing a stretch of traffic on the highway.

big wheel interstate 76
Big Wheeler, Meanwhile In Philly/Facebook

The video shows the bravery, actually no, the stupidity of the individual as he chooses to ride on his trike without a helmet.

The man riding the big wheel has not yet been identified or has had any charges filed against him. Rumors state that he is still cycling his tricycle to this day.

The video was published on Facebook group Meanwhile In Philly on Monday. The video since being published has gone viral, it has been watched almost a million times and the short clip has been shared over 25,000 times.

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