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Woman Armed With Chainsaw Confronts Police

Tasmanian woman confronts police officers with running chainsaw, whilst verbally abusive and threatening


At approximately 8:30pm on Sunday 2nd October, the Tasmanian police were called out to a disturbance in Bateman Court, Claremont, Australia.

Initial reports stated that a woman was using a  chainsaw to threaten a woman and her young child.

Confirming the reports the police found a 24-year-old woman standing on Branscombe Road wielding a chainsaw.

The police approached the lady. the woman became more aggressive and verbally abusive towards the officers. She then proceeded to threaten the officers by turning on the chainsaw and walking towards the police, the police reacted by moving back and shielding the woman and her young child who were still at the scene.

The police drew their firearms, there was a standoff between the police and the woman with the chainsaw which lasted for a minute. The 24-year-old eventually gave in and threw the chainsaw at the police and tried to run away.

She was located nearby and arrested.

The 24-year-old woman has been taken into police custody  and  charged with two counts of assaulting police officers.

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