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Man Shoots His Own Tire Out In Police Chase

Taylor Wade Parker shot his own tires out after a shot went off when he his shotgun out of the window

Taylor Wade Parker
Taylor Wade Parker, Polk County Jail

On Thursday, 29th September, a police chase was cut short when 24-year-old, Taylor Wade Parker, threw his gun out the window, causing one of the car tires to blow.

The Des Moines police attempted to stop Taylor after they had noticed he had made a traffic violation. Taylor refused to slow down for the police and led them on a police chase.

In an attempt to get rid of evidence, Taylor his shotgun out of the car window. The shotgun landed hard on the floor, triggering a shot towards the car tire.

Taylor's car tire blew causing his police chase to be cut short. Mr. Parker tried to make a quick getaway on foot but was stopped by Des Moines county officers.

The police searched through Taylor's vehicle and found methamphetamine.

Taylor was arrested and taken to Polk County Jail, he was charged with eluding officers, driving while his license was banned, drug possession with an intent to deliver and an unauthorized possession of an offensive weapon.

Taylor was previously arrested in August of this year for a Domestic assault.

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