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Chinese Home Buyers Break Down Doors To Buy Apartment

CCTV footage has caught a river of Chinese homebuyers in a mad scramble to buy a sought after property

The desperate house buyers were recorded trying to rush into the apartment complex where there was a property for sale, the incident occurred in Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province in eastern China.

The footage, obtained by CCTV News, shows a flood of people bursting through the entrance of the building. Ten seconds into the video, the house buyers have managed to break off both of the doors from its hinges, the staff fight in an effort to keep one of the doors up as the other is pushed to the ground. A woman falls to the ground as the door falls on top of her, she is trampled on by the large group of people storming through the entrance.

Hangzhou Apartments
Hangzhou Apartments, CCTV News/Youtube

An increase in demand for property in the city occurred after a G20 Summit was held locally in the Hangzhou International Exhibition Centre a month ago. The summit being held in the city has brought more business to the area causing a higher demand for homes.

The new business in Hangzhou has caused house prices to inflate to about 1,500 US dollars per square meter in a year.

The local government had issued new restrictions stating that people who lived outside of the city were not able to buy another property in Hangzhou. This caused over 5000 properties to be sold in the city prior to the new law being put into effect.

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