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Man Sues Airline After Being Made To Sit Next To Fat Man

An angry flyer is suing Emirates after making him sit next to a fat passenger in economy class

Giorgio Destro
Giorgio Destro(left) with Passenger(right), source

On Saturday, 2nd July 2016, Giorgio Destro, from Padua, Italy sat on a 9-hour long flight, flown by Emirates, from Cape town, South Africa to Venice, Italy seated right next to an obese passenger in economy class.

This sounds like an event which almost everybody goes through once in their lifetime but Giorgio is putting his foot down. Mr. Destro filed a lawsuit against Emirates after claiming his journey was 'ruined' by his neighboring passenger.

He argued that his neighboring passenger was so large that he 'spilled over' onto Giorgio's seat making his flight uncomfortable. Giorgio told Italian Newspaper Mattino Padova , "Ultimately for 9 hours, I had to stand in the hall, sit on seats reserved to the hostess when free and in the final phase of flight resign myself to suffer the 'spillover' of the passenger at my side."

Giorgio Destro is a Gold Member with Emirates,he purchased his membership after being a very loyal customer to them, booking over 50 international flights. Giorgio tried to request himself into another seat but the flight attendant refused Destro claiming that the flight was too full.

After the flight, Giorgio requested to be compensated or receive an apology from Emirates, none of which was given to Destro.

Giorgio has since contacted a lawyer and begun the legal proceedings, the court hearing is due to take place on Thursday 20th October. He is requesting  €759.51 ($847.53, £653.87) as a refund for his flight, and a further €2,000 ($2231.78, £1,721.81) in damages, totalling €2,759.51 ($3079.31, £2,375.23) in compensation.

He took the selfie with the obese passenger as proof of his predicament.

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