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Robbers Dance For The Camera During Robbery

Two armed robbers dance for the security camera as they exit the store they robbed

On Saturday, 3rd September, a Family Dollar store in Jacksonville, Arkansas, was struck by two dancing armed robbers.

The robbery suspects entered the chain store at approximately 10:00pm. Both robbers wheres masked and armed with handguns. 

The robbers waved their guns and demanded cash from the employees in the store.

Dancing Robbers
Armed robbers dancing for the camera, Jacksonville Police Department

After they had stolen the cash and before they made their exit, the robbers bizarrely danced for the surveillance cameras before running out of the back door of the premises.

The police have identified one of the suspects to be a white male and the other suspect to be a black male. Jacksonville Police department are requesting members of the public to come forth if they have any information regarding the robbery.

No one was injured during the robbery, The police have not disclosed how much money was stolen.

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