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Plane Lands On House And Everyone Survives

A small skydiving plane lands on top of a house and surprisingly everyone in the plane and the residents of the house survive

Skydiving plane lands on house
Skydiving plane lands on house, Gilbert Fire Department

The incident occurred on Sunday 18th September, when a small skydiving plane landed on top of a house located in Gilbert a town in Maricopa county, southeast of Phoenix, Arizona.

The plane had five people inside prior to the time of the crash, one pilot and four skydivers. All four of the skydivers managed to jump out of the plane uninjured before the plane crash landed. The pilot managed to escape alive the plane but suffered burns from the crash.

The plane landed on the roof of a  home located on the 400 block of East Baylor Lane. There was two resident inside the home during the crash, both of whom were uninjured after the plane crashed on their roof.

Gilbert Fire Department was called out to the scene to tackle the blaze on top of the house. The pilot was taken to a local hospital to treat his burns.

The plane is believed to have come from the annual Constitution Fair, which celebrates the United States Constitution and amendments.

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