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Woman Makes A Bomb Threat To Stall Boyfriends Urine Test

A woman calls the police to inform them of a bomb, in an attempt to keep her boyfriend from completing a urine test

Deniz Martinez
Deniz Martinez, Polk County Sheriff's Office

On Tuesday, 13th September, Deniz Martinez, 31, from Winter Haven, Florida, called 911 and falsely reported of man coming to a New Haven Police station to "blow the building up", in an attempt to stop her boyfriend, Jason Drake, 38, from taking a urine test.

Deniz's boyfriend, Jason was in the police station for 6 hours refusing to give a urine sample to the police officers at the station. In an attempt to rescue her boyfriend Deniz dialed 911 and told them that man was coming to "blow the building up" before hanging up the phone.

The police at the station reviewed the number and found it to be very similar to that of Jason's girlfriend who had dropped him off at the station earlier in the day.

Police investigated the situation and got in contact with Martinez who admitted to making the phone call.

Both the boyfriend and girlfriend were arrested and charged, Drake for probation violation and Martinez for making a false report about a bomb.

You can listen to the full 911 call below.

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