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Teen Faces Felony Charge After Putting Soda In Water Cup

A teen ordered free water and decided to fill his water cup with soda, police were called to the scene

Cody Morris
Cody Morris, Washington County Sheriff's Office

On Monday, 12th September, 18-year-old Cody Morris was arrested fro putting soda into his water cup at a Mcdonald's restaurant located in Thompson St, Springdale, Arkansas.

Cody with two other friends went through Mcdonalds Drive thru and ordered three large cups of water from the eatery. After receiving their orders, they dumped out the water and the trio went inside the fast food chain to fill their cups with soda.

The three teens filled their cups with soda, the manager noticed the wrongdoing and told the teens to return their soda, two of the teens returned their drinks but Cody refused. The manager called the police.

4029tv reported, that Cody managed to flee to his vehicle and attempted to drive away. The manager stood in front of the vehicle in an attempt to stop Cody from escaping, Cody reversed into the manager striking him. The manager was hit a second time when he tried to remove the keys from the ignition.

The teens managed to escape but police were able to locate and arrested Cody after spotting his vehicle parked near a bowling alley.

Cody Morris now faces a felony charge of robbery after the soda-water cup dispute.

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