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Man Steals $1,000 Tomahawk From Restaurant

CCTV footage catches a man stealing a $1000 tomahawk from a native American statue inside restaurant

Kowliga indian statue
Kowliga Restaurant's red Indian statue, Kowliga Restaurant/Facebook

On Sunday, September 4th, 20-year-old, Casey Dean Foshee is seen stealing a $1000 tomahawk from a Native-American statue inside Kowliga restaurant based in Alexander city, Alabama.

Surveillance footage from  inside of the traditional American restaurant captures Casey grabbing the tomahawk out of the hands of the red Indian statue.

Kolwliga restaurant initially did not contact the police and put the footage on their Facebook page, requesting the person who stole the wooden tomahawk bring the item back and the police will not be called to handle the situation.

The thief was identified as Casey Dean Foshee after photos of him with the tomahawk surfaced online.  The police were contacted to help find the tomahawk thief.

Reports from the Alexander City police department, have stated that the wooden tomahawk is estimated to be worth over $1000. Casey is now wanted on the charge of first-degree theft of property.

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