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Bank Robber Prefers Jail Over Staying Home With Wife

Court documents show a man decided to rob a bank as he couldn't bare living at home with his wife

Lawrence John Ripple
Lawrence John Ripple, Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office

On Friday, 2nd September, Lawrence John Ripple, 70, was arrested after he robbed almost $3,000 from Bank of Labor in Kansas City, Kansas.

Lawerence walked into the bank with a note claiming that he had a gun and wanted money. The note was passed to the bank teller, who obliged to Lawerence's demands and handed him $2,924.00 in cash.

Instead of fleeing the scene, Mr. Ripple decided to take a seat in the bank lobby and even admitted to a security personnel that he was the suspect of the robbery, the bank security guard detained Lawerence. Soon after police arrived, arrested Lawrence and took him into their custody at Wyandotte County Detention Center.

It was later discovered that through court documents that Lawerence wanted to go to jail to avoid living with his wife. Lawerence had an argument prior to the bank robbery where he told his wife he’d rather be in jail than at home, he then proceeded to walk to the bank where he robbed it.

No one was injured during the bank robbery and the money was returned to the bank.

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