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2 Year Old Fined For Littering

A 2-year-old girl has been fined $75 for littering near her home

Harper Westover's fine
Harper Westover and her fine, Theresa Westover/Twitter

On Tuesday 30th August, Harper Westover, age 2, from Washington DC, woke up to an alarming letter, to her parents surprise it was a  fine of $75 sent by the Government of the District of Columbia's littering department. 


Well, a city worker who was walking near an alleyway close by to Harper's home found a letter addressed to the two-year-old discarded on the floor next to some trash cans. The do-gooding city worker took a photo of the letter on the floor and passed it on to officials who sent Harper the fine.

The unopened letter was from a Kids fan club for the University of Wisconsin at Madison called Bucky's Buddies.

When Harper received the fine, evidence was included with the fine in the form of a picture of the discarded letter addressed to her on the floor.

Theresa Westover, Harper's mother also an attorney, is refusing to pay the fine, arguing, that her 2-yearolfd daughter didn't haul the trash to the alleyway nor is able to carry such large bags of waste. Theresa requested officials that the fine be rescinded.

Providence Journal reported, that the inspector gave a firm 'no' to Theresa, as the attorney claimed, "‘The inspector’s response was there was a piece of trash in the alley with Harper’s name on it."

Theresa believes the letter fell out of a garbage bag after a garbage man tried to swing waste in the waste collection truck.

The fine is yet to be paid.

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