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Mother Saves Children In Gas Station Fire

A mother rescues her children as seen in the dramatic footage where her entire car is engulfed in flames

On Monday, 31st August, a Citgo gas station on Main street, Farmington, Connecticut, was set alight after a car crashed into a pump. A mother of two managed to rescue her children out of her vehicle before the car caught ablaze.

Citgo Gas Station
Citgo Gas Station, Google Street View

A 70-year-old man accidentally backed his vehicle into a gas pump after stepping on the gas instead of the brake pedal. The 70-year-old man's car rammed through the pump and stuck the mother who was filling up her tank on the other side. 

Mother rescuing her children from fire
Mother rescuing her children from fire, Surveillance Footage

The gas pump immediately set alight, the mother seeing the fire, quickly ran to her car and took her children out of the vehicle. The fire set her car on fire soon after the rescue as well as the 70-year-old man's vehicle.

Fortunately, the gas station fire was subsided as the gas station attendants immediately hit an emergency button to shut off the gas flow from the main tanks, stopping further injuries or deaths.

The crash is currently being investigated by the police, they have reported that no one was injured after the incident.

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