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Man Rides Unicycle On Top Of Tall Chimney

Watch this daredevil undergo an extremely dangerous stunt 256 meters above the ground, not for the faint of heart!

If you thought the ability to unicycle was an amazing skill you're in for a shock! 

The stunt was recorded at Targu Jiu, the capital of Gorj County in the Oltenia region of Romania and stars professional Juggler, unicyclist and all around daredevil, Flaviu Cernescu with the help of his friend, Nikolai Ismail. 

The stuntmen conduct their stunt 256 meters (840 feet) above the ground on top of a crumbling chimney located on the outskirts of the town.

The video shows Flaviu's amazing balancing skills as well as his ability to multi-task, as he rides his unicycle on a thin ledge around the chimney whilst juggling.

Extreme Unicycling
Extreme Unicycling, Flaviu Cernescu/Youtube

The daredevil uses a selfie stick and an action camera attached to his helmet as he performs his extremely dangerous feat.

The picturesque backdrop makes the stunt event more exhilarating and the seemingly bottomless black hole of the chimney adds to the danger.

After completing his stunts he proceeded to climb down the chimney which took him the majority of the video to do, approximately 2:30 minutes to scale down the 840 feet high tower.

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