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You Wont Believe Whats Inside This Man's Fridge!

A man takes an epic journey into the cold depths of his fridge

Fridge Meow Wolf
What is the Fridge's Secret?, fun 4 u/Youtube

This is not just a regular fridge it's actually a door which takes you down into a new futuristic set of rooms.

The bizarre video looks as though it is a regular home video but when the man pulls the door handle of the fridge, minds are blown.

A walkway leads the man to a set of rooms which would not be out of place in a sci-fi movie's spaceship.

It turns out that the fridge and adjoining futuristic rooms are not inside someone's house but are part of an art exhibit in Santa Fe, New Mexico, called Meow Wolf. The fridge exhibit is the main attraction of Meow Wolf and is called 'The House of Eternal Return'.

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