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4-year-old Gets Head Stuck In Sofa

A curious 4-year-old boy gets his head stuck inside a hole in a sofa

Curiosity does two things, kills cats and helps get children's heads stuck in places they should not have entered.

On Saturday, 20th August, a four-year-old boy arrived at a pedicure store with his parents located in Tongren City, Guizhou province, China.

As the boy waited in the store he noticed a hole in the back of a sofa. Curious about his discovery he decided to see what mystical things happened inside the dark billowing hole, so he stuck his head inside.

Boy head stuck inside sofa
Boy head stuck inside sofa, CCTV/Youtube

After realizing that he managed to get his head stuck in a giant Chinese finger trap, emergency services need to be called to the scene.

Firefighters used scissors to cut away the soft outer padding of the sofa and then broke the strong wooden frame of the sofa to free the little boy.

The boy was left uninjured from the incident.

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