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Screaming Scares Off Armed Robber

The extra attention the screams create scares off the armed robber in the Dunkin Donuts

You have to wonder how loud the screams were if it deters a man with a gun.

A Dunkin Donuts located at North Front Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was the scene of an attempted robbery.

Dunkin Donuts Philadelphia
Dunkin Donuts where the crime occurred, Google Street View

On Monday, August 15th an armed man walked into the Dunkin Donuts at exactly 4:19pm.

The man pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the cashier demanding money from the till.

A small child of a customer, who was standing off to the side, began to scream very loudly and uncontrollably.

Dunkin Donuts Robbery Suspect
Dunkin Donuts Robbery Suspect, Philadelphia Police Department

The hearing the screaming child, the armed robber ran from the eatery before any money was exchanged.

The Philadelphia police are currently looking for the robbery suspect, they have described him as a Black male, 5’8”, stocky build, wearing a black shirt, blue rip jeans shorts and wearing black sneakers.

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